Hours of Operation
Let’s Make a Dealer is open from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The school is closed weekends and all federal holidays. All possible accommodations are made for the students’ schedules in order for them to have the maximum time to practice the games.


 Class Schedules
Classes will start daily as each student is individually instructed and may enroll at any time. Federal holidays will be observed and therefore no classes will be scheduled.

Attendance is crucial to a student’s success in this school. With that in mind, students will NOT be given their certificate of completion until they have logged the required amount of hours for their course of study. It will be considered to be excessively absent if the student does not attend school at least one day every week. After the first week of unauthorized leave, the student will be sent a warning letter from the school re-iterating the policy. After the second week, the student will be expelled from the school and any appropriate refunds will be issued.

Candidate Requirements
Dealer candidates must be at least 21 years of age, have a good attitude, be legally permitted to work in the United States of America, and possess basic math and English skills.

Standards of Progress
In order for the students to become more familiar with the casino industry, instead of usual testing, we audition students during their courses to gauge their performance. After students pass their final auditions at the conclusion of their training, they can audition at a casino with our recommendation. Students may attend the class at their own pace for as long as they like to become proficient in their games. Unsatisfactory progress will be handled by the instructors giving additional training and supervision, focusing on their areas of inefficiency.

Special Situations
We care about our students and know that there are always issues that come up in their lives. For this reason, the director of the school or his designee may at times grant students leave of absence from their training.

Job Placement Assistance
It is our intention to assist students in obtaining their first job in the casino industry. With that in mind, students are sent to follow potential leads that are received from hiring managers in the casino industry. It is not our intention to guarantee students secure a job after graduation; however, every effort is made to ensure their success.