1How long does it take to become a dealer?
Each game takes approximately 80-100 hours of training and practice time. You may finish these hours in as short of a period as you like or take up to six months to complete your course of study.
2Do I have a limit on how many hours I can spend at Let’s Make A Dealer?”
No, we encourage the students to spend as many hours as possible perfecting their casino games. The school is open to students from 11am to 7pm.
3Do we have multi-lingual instructors?
Yes, but we believe that because the casino staff in the casinos of the United States will be speaking English,it is important to learn and practice in the same language as the casino environment.
4I don’t know English; can I still be a dealer?
Yes, as long as you have English basics and are willing to learn. Being exposed to English in the classroom will speed your understanding and use of the language.
5Do you guarantee a job after we complete the course?
No, it is illegal for Let’s Make A Dealer, or any other dealing school to guarantee job placement to the students; however we have had a lot of successful hirings of students in the casinos.
6Which casinos have your students been hired?
Our students have been hired in a wide variety of casinos in Las Vegas and casinos in the surrounding areas. They have been successful in attaining employment as dealers in such casinos as Binions, El Cortez, Four Queens, Gold Coast, Golden Gate, Gold Nugget, Harrah’s, Jokers Wild, Palazzo, Plaza, Poker Palace, Nevada Landing, Oshea’s, Primm Valley, Plant Hollywood, Rail Road Pass, Rio,Silver Nugget, Speedway, Station Casino, Venetian, and Westin Casuarina.
7How can I pay for my tuition?
You may pay for your courses by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. All tuition is to be paid at time of enrollment.